Rajesh Yadav & Associates | OUR STORY
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Over 20 years of consultancy experience

Over the recent past planning and managing Healthcare has become a very complex process for a variety of reasons. There is a significant transformation in the demographic profile of the country and in the socioeconomic conditions of the people.

With rapid advancement in the knowledge of the nature and complexities of technology, there is a need for continuous updating of health services. Clients, too, are beginning to have rising expectations for service delivery and the planners have to respond to those needs.

Moreover, with the globalization , privatization , entrance of corporate houses and strict adherence to norms by regulatory authorities, it has become important to manage Healthcare professionally to compete and survive in the market.

“Rajesh  Yadav & Associates.”, established a management consultancy unit, It has been conceived by Mr Rajesh Yadav & Dr Kunal Punamiya to help, guide and support  institutions keeping in view this ever-changing scenario.


“Rajesh Yadav & Associates.” is a Consultancy providing Firm in the sphere of healthcare, hospital management. It is the only institution in Bombay whose certified Healthcare were selected as a sample base for their inputs in finalization of quality draft for bringing standardization of Healthcare by QCI (Quality Council of India).

Rajesh Yadav & Associates is a well established company as an autonomous Research and Development Consultancy Organization. The company was established in the year 2003 with the Joint efforts of Rajesh Yadav & Dr Kunal Punamiya. We have a team of dedicated professionals and field workers with the core competency of providing a wide range of research and consultancy services in diverse areas of system Certification, community development, environment management, project and programme evaluations, and market research etc.


Hospital Operation Management

  • Licenses
  • O.P’s
  • Hospital Stationary
  • Purchase Support (Comparative Study in Medical Equipment Planning and Procurement)
  • Maintenance Support

Hospital Operations Management

  • Manpower Planning
  • Recruitment Support
  • HR Policies
  • Training & Development

Hospital Quality Consulting

  • ISO
  • Business Development Planning & Strategy.
  • Hospital Planning & Design
  • Hospital Information System (HIS) and Telemedicine.
  • Hospital Commissioning and Startup

Rajesh Yadav & Associates provide effective, competitive, result oriented & practical business solutions to the organizations to optimize their operational efficiency in order to maximize return on investment & ultimately to achieve their GOALS.

To accomplish this, we:

Provide the best in terms of quality of service

Are committed to continual improvement

Are committed to the prevention of pollution

Focus on environmental aspects and impacts

Focus on occupational, health & safety hazards and risks

Commit to comply with all applicable legislation, regulations, and other requirements to which we subscribe

Invest in our future to maintain growth and profitability

Partner with others


We are committed to offer Quality Consulting Services for the development of Management systems for its client organization that will add value to them, while at the same time make every effort to continually improve upon its Service Offerings to the Clients.